Give the gift of coding.

Unleash creativity with Hopscotch,
the most popular learn-to-code app for kids.

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Available on iPad & iPhone

“My kid is obsessed with Hopscotch. Instead of playing games, he is building and publishing his own. It’s brilliant.” — Paul, dad

Children's Technology Review Editor's ChoiceKAPI Award WinnerParents' Choice Gold Award
For kids ages 8-14


In Hopscotch, kids learn to program by dragging and dropping blocks of code to make their own games and apps. Hopscotch is an open-ended tool that allows for unlimited creativity, so kids can code anything they can imagine.

With this gift, you'll get:

Access to the fully unlocked tool set
Unlimited usage of tutorial library, with instructions to make 14 different apps and more added each month
Unlimited cloud storage for images

“Coding in Hopscotch is the only activity I can think of where he gets to be both creative and logical.”

- Jason, Dad


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The New York Times
The Wall Street Journal
Fast Company

Why Hopscotch?

Beautiful and easy to use

Hopscotch was designed from the ground up for your iPad and iPhone. We’ve fussed over every block, corner, and icon to make sure that the only thing you notice is what you’re creating.

Open-ended creativity

Unlike many learn to code apps, Hopscotch is not a closed-ended puzzle. It’s a canvas for your creativity. We’ll teach you how to start from a blank page and build things that interest and excite you.


Safe for everyone

A responsible team of grownups ensures that Hopscotch is safe and supportive for all kids. All images are reviewed before publication.

Get your money's worth

We’re repackaging a $1,000, week-long coding camp into a self-guided coding journey in Hopscotch for much, much less.

Give the gift
of coding.

Unleash their creativity with Hopscotch.