Learn to make popular App Store games.

Fully unlocked for $6.67/month.

Stop playing games. Starting making them.

Learn to code by making your own version of Pokemon Go, Geometry Dash, and more with Hopscotch’s video tutorials. You’ll learn core coding concepts in an open-ended environment.

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Create your own characters

Become a more legit coder by making the exact project you want. Import images from your camera roll and use them as a background, character, or whatever you want. Break free from the bounds of Hopscotch’s default image library.


Customize your profile

You be you.
Express your individuality for everyone to see by creating your own unique avatar.


Problem solve like a pro

Design a project, assemble and import your own visual assets, code it up and publish it for your family and friends to play. Practice problem solving each step of the way.


Support the development of Hopscotch

By subscribing today, you’ll support development for the programming language of the future. You’re enabling the Hopscotch Team to make Hopscotch even more powerful and more accessible, and will get to take advantage of all new features we release going forward. Thank you for making this possible.


What can I do as a Hopscotch subscriber?

  • Upload an unlimited number of images from your camera roll to Hopscotch’s cloud
  • Download and remix projects with images from the community
  • Take advantage of all Hopscotch video tutorials that include using your own assets
  • Get access to all future features released by Hopscotch
  • Learn how to code in a supportive environment for a fraction of the cost of coding camp (as much as $1,000/week)
  • Continue to use all Hopscotch Free features

How can I use images I upload?

Your camera roll is way more than just a folder of your pictures. It’s also a way to save images from the web, creation apps like Paper, and more. Use pictures you take or images you create:

  • As a custom profile picture
  • As objects in your Hopscotch projects (as a character, background, etc.)

All images are moderated by Hopscotch.

Why is coding on Hopscotch different?

Hopscotch is open-ended and there are no wrong answers. Our straight-forward code blocks and wealth of tutorials help kids get to “aha!” moments fast. And the thrill of making whatever you want—art, games, interactive stories, etc.—keeps them hooked.

What do you learn on Hopscotch?

With Hopscotch, kids master core coding concepts, like loops, variables, and conditionals, that transfer to any language. They practice problem solving and computational thinking while bringing their ideas to life. Hopscotch’s community allows them to safely collaborate with peers and express their creativity.


How do I subscribe?

You may purchase a subscription to Hopscotch through your iTunes account on your iPhone or iPad. Open up Hopscotch and tap the star icon on the right side of your home feed to sign up. Subscriptions are paid on either a monthly or annual basis.

What if I change my mind?

Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time through iTunes. You can cancel your subscription from the menu on your profile. Tap on “Manage Account”, which will take you to the iTunes store. You can also cancel your subscription from your computer by opening iTunes. Choose iTunes Store. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen and choose “Account” under “Manage”.

Can I use my subscription for more than one account?

Right now, you can only subscribe one Hopscotch account from a single iTunes account. You can’t transfer the subscription to another account, even if it’s associated with your iTunes account. In the new few months, we’ll be adding a way to sign up multiple subscriptions with one iTunes account. Stay tuned!

Can I use my subscription on any device?

Your iTunes account can be linked to one Hopscotch subscription at a time but is not tied to a single device. You can access Hopscotch subscription features from any device if you sign in to your subscribed Hopscotch account.

I’m a teacher. Do you have a discount?

Subscriptions are purchased through Apple’s iTunes, and unfortunately are not eligible for the Volume Purchasing Program yet. We asked Apple to update this policy to make subscriptions available through the VPP, and hope to offer this discount to you soon!


But couldn’t anyone upload...anything?

A responsible team of grownups ensures that Hopscotch is safe and supportive for all kids. All images are reviewed before publication.

What does Hopscotch do with my personal info?

Your safety and privacy are our top priority. Hopscotch won’t disclose your personal info to anyone. Read our privacy policy for more information.


Is Hopscotch available on Android?

Not yet! You can use Hopscotch on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod. In the future, we hope to also be on Android. Thanks for being patient!

Is Hopscotch available on a computer?

Not totally. You can play Hopscotch projects on any browser but you can’t create on it yet. Send someone the link to your Hopscotch project and they can play it even if they don’t have the app!

Smart people trust Hopscotch to help kids learn to code

“The app lets you have as much making games as playing them, and with its colorful, friendly interface and stacks of help and tutorials, kids (and grownups!) can build all kinds of apps—while learning the fundamentals of programming.”Apple
“Hopscotch app for iPad is a wonderfully fun way to teach kids coding.”Cool Mom Tech
The New York Times
Fast Company
The Wall Street Journal

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