Free, peer-reviewed lesson plans for grades 3 - 8

Designed for educators with no prior coding experience.

Introductory Coding Curriculum

Our project-based curriculum uses popular games like Geometry Dash to build core coding concepts. It includes suggestions for differentiation, and aligns to the Common Core and Next Generation Science and Engineering Standards.

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Lesson plans for coding in Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies

Create new opportunities for students to apply coding to other subject areas. Copy our GoogleDoc folder and make these examples your own.

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ScratchJr to Hopscotch Transition Guide

Transition your students from ScratchJr to more advanced coding on Hopscotch. These lesson plans include block-to-block comparisons and suggestions for building off the concepts students have explored in ScratchJr.

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Self-Paced Video Tutorials

Students can make their own versions of App Store Games like Pokemon Go, Flappy Bird, and Geometry Dash. In-app video tutorials are self paced and build mastery of core computer science concepts. Some tutorials require a paid subscription to Hopscotch.

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